Palo Santo Matches


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15 premium Palo Santo Matches per box

Sticks are approximately 2*.25*.25 inches and can be relit multiple times for reuse

High quality Peru palo santo sticks

Used by Peruvian shamans in spiritual rituals and often regarded as a “holy wood”, the palo santo incense sticks have a long tradition in anxiety relief, energy clearing, meditation, healing and relaxation. Keeping quality and tradition in mind, Maxwell’s Mystic Matches brings you real and original Peruvian palo santo sticks, which are eco-friendly and sustainably harvested in Peru.

Relieve Stress, bad energy, negative vibes, anxiety. Just one afternoon with the scent refreshed air and aura from our easy-to-use Palo Santo Matches and you will feel a whole new level of relaxation and energy clearing. A therapeutic wonder, when literally translated, Palo Santo means “holy wood”, meaning you can use it for meditation, spiritual healing, praying sessions and religious rituals too.