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Dana owner of Good Neighbor


About, Good Neighbor…..

I am close to 9 years conducting business on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. In that time there have been a few incarnations of the store, the constant is that I have always aspired to have a shop where you can find things that adorn you, that you use, that help strengthen and fortify you. I love beautiful things, but I dislike waste and consumption. I know I am not alone in this.

In all honesty I have always felt a little sheepish about owning a store because of the consumer culture we live in. I wanted to make Good Stock a little different an accessories store, predominantly jewelry: artisan, unique and handmade. 

When Good Stock was in its infancy I began exploring green beauty, the connection to nature and plants, everything about it was exciting. I made the connection to skin as an accessory and I started bringing in the lines I was using, (key word- using). I have always had a natural affinity for skin care, sharing my interest and knowledge with my community felt important. 

A few years into to doing business I opened a second store, Neighbor, the focus was on the home but also there was an apothecary piece something shared between the two. A few years into running two stores (even though they were next door to each other), it seemed prudent to combine them into one storefront- bringing to life Good Neighbor. Less than a year after they merged Coved19 redefined life, as we know it- the pause brought about deep reflection; I wanted my businesses to reflect my values; I wanted to supply tools for empowerment in my community.

A mantra started to play in my head and a palate of light was in my minds eye, a renewed vision slowly started to merge
Good Neighbor is a store inspired to provide you with things that help you soften to the world around you because when we soften, we are able to be our best selves. Acts of self-care and ritual are important for our overall health and wellbeing. Our mind and our heart health manifest in our physical body, having tools to help us ground- enliven- manifest and feel safe are things we need to navigate this human experience on earth.

Good Neighbor