Crouching Venus


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At first glance, all you see is an elegant gold drop, organically shaped to complement any aesthetic. But upon closer inspection, the side profile reveals a crouching figure ensconced within the cantilevered cavity.

Inspired by the classical goddess of love and beauty, Venus, these earrings capture her essence as she's caught by surprise while bathing. Like the ancient sculpture, our intricately carved figure showcases remarkable complexity and a captivating contrapposto position while she gracefully crosses her arms in an attempt to conceal her nudity.

These earrings are not just accessories; they are a conversation piece and a fantastic story. 

Elevate your style with this unique blend of art and fashion that sparks curiosity and admiration wherever you go.

Hand carved and crafted in Bali from sterling silver & 22K gold vermeil. 

Measures approx: 20mm length x 11mm depth, 7mm width