Hibernal Chest Rub


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Goldie’s Hibernal Chest Rub is formulated to ease and dissipate congestion due to cold. Organic moisturizing oils infused with expectorant herbs help break up and expel congestion, and soothe irritated nasal passages and airways, providing respite for muscles of the upper respiratory system

Perks: Decongestant ~ Expectorant ~ Wintergreen 

 Application: Rub gently towards heart or in clockwise circular motion upon chest, back or throat and feet. Great on lips during cold season too. 

Fragrance: Camphor ~ Sage ~ Frankincense 

2oz jar

Ingredients: elecampane root, plantain leaf, eucalyptus leaf, oregano, chaparral, peppermint infused in sunflower, olive, and apricot kernel oils with essential oils of Camphor, eucalyptus, wintergreen, helichrysum, frankincense, fir needle, rosemary

*Paraben free, colorant free, phthalate free, sulfate free, nut free