Aromatic Woods Incense Cones


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Charcoal-free Incense cones - a departure from the conventional incense. These cones offer a softer, more natural fragrance that infuses your home with a tranquil, soothing ambiance. Embrace the gentle side of incense in your surroundings.

Hand-made in Austin, Texas. 

Creative Imagination - Rich blend of benzoin resin, sandal wood, wild rose petals and pinon.  A beautiful and unique scent. Calming relaxing and brings clarity for a creative imagination.

Nine Treasures - Is a rich blend of pinyon, sandalwood, trementia resin this dream lion original is a personal favorite and is Calming, relaxing, and purifying.

Made with mayan copal, white desert sage, pinyon, sandalwood, and makko powder. According to old herb books, incense burning with pine strengthens the nerves and gives energy, courage, and emotional strength.white dessert sage has been used in purification rites for centuries by natives of North America to cleanse out and purify negative energies.

The Wish Granter - Made of sandalwood, palo santo, frankincense, pinyon and makko powder. Ancient peoples considered copal a gift from the god of lightning and considered it highly sacred and said it opens the soul it supports imagination creativity and inspiration. The wish granter cone is a favorite and has a pleasant natural scent