Wisconsin Raw Honey


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Raw, pure and full of fine, delicate flavors.

18 oz jars

All of the honey may crystalize or will be crystalized already. This is because the honey is never heated - to maintain the best flavors. If you would prefer your honey to be more liquid, just simmer in a pan of water until just melted. (Think of it like melting butter, but not burning it.)

Buckwheat Honey

Lightly strained honey from our happy bees. Buckwheat honey is the strongest flavor and is mostly buckwheat, but has some clover as well, which makes this a more mild buckwheat than the buckwheat honey you would get from Washington state which is almost black in color. This buckwheat has a malty almost chocolate or molasses flavor and is really lovely in baked goods. It has a pleasant medium crystal structure which makes it really nice by the spoonful. This is a nice starter buckwheat since pure buckwheat can be almost bitter and pungent. Melted this buckwheat is more the color of chocolate.

Forest Berry Honey

An early season honey that is full of berry flavor, with a hint of tartness. Comprised of black berry, raspberry and other wild berry nectars.

Prairie Clover Honey

Lightly strained honey from happy bees. Prairie Clover honey is delicious and wonderfully flavorful with just a hint of cinnamon.

Wisconsin Wildflower

Lightly strained raw honey from happy bees. Wisconsin Wildflower honey is a mix of all the summer flowers here in central Wisconsin, so it has dandelion, sumac, basswood, clover, star thistle, knotweed and goldenrod. It's a rich amber colored honey with warm spice notes and a fruity finish. This is a favorite honey to use in drinks and in cooking when you really want the honey flavor to shine since it has a bit of a stronger flavor.